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Максимально совершенный Meizu Pro 5

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Customized LARGAN 6P lens
Sapphire crystal protective lens

We customized the LARGAN 6P lens especially for the camera of the PRO 5 to improve the edge resolution. The customized module specifically aims at the sequencing optimization to the light impurities to vastly improve the anti-glare capability. The outside of the camera is covered with a sapphire protective lens, and the outer layer is covered closely and protected by the metal ring. It is both gorgeous and strong.

Fast focusing speed of 0.17s
PDAF phase focusing + laser-assisted focusing

Compared to the back and forth scanning many times of traditional contrast focusing, the PDAF phase focusing only needs one operation to focus. You can feel the simple and rapid focusing experience in adequate light. With the laser-assisted focusing, the focusing speed is still accurate in low lighting conditions. The phase focusing can achieve continuous switching of focusing points in recording video, which can bring the smooth transition of close-ups and long shots like in a film.

Double color-temperature dual flashlight
Integrated patent technology

The unique round double color-temperature dual flash (speed light) sits under the rear camera of the PRO 5. The color temperature of the light picture is reduced and then matched to an effect that is close to natural light when you use the flash. At the same time, the algorithm will be adjusted for the software according to the light environment, which makes the picture more natural looking, by reducing the washed-out look of traditional flash photography. In addition, we creatively integrated the laser-assisted focusing and double color-temperature flash, to make them work well together without impairing the integrity of the camera back.

Dual channel 14-bit Samsung ISP
Independent and mature algorithm optimization

Capturing excellent pictures depends on the cooperation of ISP photographic processing. The Samsung dual channel (14-bit ISP) is applied to the PRO 5, which improves the overall efficiency of shooting pictures and processing images. The seamless collaboration between the CMOS and ISP can specifically optimize the picture sharpening, color enhancement and other effects automatically using advanced algorithms, depending on debugging experience for many years.

4K video recording

The PRO 5 has 4K video imaging with excellent picture quality and supports the H.265
code format to fully balance the 4K camera’s shooting and storage capacity.

Front camera
with 5 megapixel

The OV5670 CMOS, ƒ/2.0 large aperture ring with 5 megapixel is used for the front camera of the PRO 5, and the self-timer function can be used even in the dark. The system supports the 100 file whitening, defect removal and other real time fine adjustments to make your world more beautiful.