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Customized ball cutter with 1mm diameter
Miraculous arc and hand feel

In order to pursue a unified and comfortable feel, we designed 0.1mm integral sinking in the upper and
lower sections of the PRO 5 and then applied the baking varnish to form a straight line with the middle of
the phone. For cutting to an ultra-thin 0.1mm, the most difficult thing is how to realize the smooth transition
of the 4R corners on the phone body. So, we customized a ball cutter with a diameter of 1mm and spent
more than 30minutes in processing processes to complete repeated and precise polishing. Although the
0.1mm thickness is difficult to be seen by the naked eye, it still gives us what we care most about which is
the wonderful feeling of the PRO 5 in your hand.

True polishing master
3D polishing for three times

The excellent polishing effect is attributed to the uniformity at each plane. To make the PRO 5 we polish it
three times. The procedure is quite complex and the process is very difficult to adjust, which makes it an
exquisite product. Aloxite is used as a primer to guarantee stiffness and firmness, and then two layers of
zircon sand are applied. The thickness collocation is even more exquisite. Its 3D polishing is uniform and
free from dead corners to increase the surface hardness and make the surface become smooth and durable.

0.02mm precision
New sand mulling printing ink, smooth and uniform

At present, we upgraded to more advanced stoving varnish and spraying equipment and introduced
mechanical and manual automatic equipment. At the same time, we developed patent products jointly with
the world’s top paint supplier NATOCO. After going through coating 5 times and 5 times of baking, the
precision of each layer of printing ink is controlled to 0.02mm and the industry-wide issue of intricate
spraying on metal and injection molding material is solved at the same time. More than that, we also added
very fine gravel in the printing ink to obtain the same quality as the phone body polishing. In this way, the
adhesive force of new printing ink will be stronger and will stay shiny and new even after long time use.

0.45mm embodies
our understanding on metal

We add a layer of tough magnesium alloy supporting plate under the light and thin AMOLED Screen. The completely invisible thin wall embodies all of our understandings of working with metal. If it is thick, the thickness of the phone body will be increased. If it is too thin, the support is inadequate. After repeated testing, we finally adopted the Frech die-casting machine from Germany to realize press forming. The thickness is nearly 0.45mm and close to the limit. In addition, we also adopted the forked tail material grasping technology and integrated with a round of whippy Nylon glass fiber to absorb the energy produced during impact. There has been a lot of diligent effort in many areas to guarantee a sturdy and light PRO 5.

Better Home key structure
Completely innovated touch experience

We reserved a new fingerprint module and key design for the PRO 5. The fingerprint identification function is linked together with the Home key and a piece of stainless steel sheet is fixed on the Magnesium alloy supporting plate at the back of screen by screw. At the same time, we changed the clip design. The big Panasonic clip can bring us a new feel when pressed. In addition, we also added a piece of silicone pad between the fingerprint identification module and screen, that not only can prevent key looseness but also can effectively prevent water vapor and sweat from seeping into the phone and guarantees that it is waterproof.

Fully CNC processed
A unified entity, naturally formed piece

We used CNC processing on the all-metal phone body of PRO 5. The volume power key adopts the
customized natural diamond ball cutter to form a high and bright micro arc strip. In addition, the
loudspeaker opening, Type-C opening and card slot adopts the four-axis CNC machine tool to perform 360
degree rotational processing and the precision is 0.01mm. Even if the cost is increased greatly, the outline
is clear, the aperture size is uniform and the opening is more neat and clean.
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PRO 5 • Design

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Well-designed mild curve

When the phone size reaches 5.7-inch, how it feels in your hand is the
main design factor to be considered. For any size change, the phone
body and interface, finger and palm touch shall be considered again.
Except for the static feeling, the dynamic friction with the palm in use
shall also be considered. Combined with the spray quality of phone,
material damping, repeated modification, this mild and elegant curve
can be made to make holding and using it quite enjoyable.

Integrated curved surface glass

The 2.5D curved surface glass is the last link to realize the perfect integration of the complete phone. The elegant curve of metal phone body goes down to the highlight chamfer on the edge from the side edge and perfectly connects with the curved surface edge of the 2.5D glass. This forms an integrated phone that looks like a piece of amber that makes people admire and wanting to touch it.

Newly designed side groove

The pursuit of perfection is not only reflected on the body curve, but also on every crafted detail. We put the volume and power key in the side highlight groove. This inconspicuous modification not only embellishes the entire phone body but also greatly improves the feeling when pressing. The suppleness and gradual feeling during each press is precise and to the point.

New logo
New image, new Meizu

We use a new VI on the PRO 5. The new logo design is skillfully applied in slim capital letters and matched with a smooth and round word angle which is exactly the same as the understated design style of the PRO 5. The new logo is balanced and steady while the font is youthful and welcoming.

Black skin packaging

We designed new packaging for the Meizu series. The whole shape of the packing box is square and the surface is made of a skin-like material to achieve a soft and comfortable hand feel. The PRO 5 word is printed on the black box surface. It is profound, exquisite and shining. When the box cover is opened, the USB Type-C cable will twine around the circular winder. It will be put in the box together with the mobile phone and charger to achieve a tidy and elegant look. It will make you think of the Meizu M8, as the Pro series follows Meizu’s high-end spirit.
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PRO 5 • Performance

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Samsung Exynos 7420
14nm Next Generation CPU

The Samsung Exynos 7420 is the first mobile chip in the world which applies the 14nm FinFET technology. Compared to the Snapdragon 810 chip,the power consumption is decreased by 35%. For the dual quad-core seamless cooperation of the A57+A53, the basic frequency reaches 2.1GHz and the performance is increased by 20%. In the deployment of advanced HMP (Heterogeneous Multi-Processing) technology,the core can be deployed intelligently based on the amount of calculation task, and each kind of performance will achieve precise squeezing. In traditional cognition, power consumption, heat generating and performance look like a pair of contradictory objects, but they are harmonious in the 14nm next generation technology.








core deployment technology

  • Comprehensive Performance


  • CPU Performance

    Geekbench 3

  • GPU Performance


  • Storage Performance


  • Fluency

    Gamebench-NBA 2K15

  • Play Power-hungry Games

    Temperature Test

  • Meizu PRO 5 77768
  • GALAXY S6 65944
  • Mi Note Pro 54001
*The data is from laboratory tests. We recommend you to experience it by yourselves.

Mali-T760 MP8
Rare 8-core mobile GPU

The strong 8-core Mali-T760 GPU is also based on 14nm FinFET technology and is sealed together with the CPU. The highest frequency may reach 770MHz. If more than that, the PRO 5 also has intelligent AFBC (ARM Frame Buffer Compression) technology, which can save up to 50% of bandwidth for the system. That means that it can decrease 50% of power consumption for the system. Therefore, the rare and strong GPU can take it easy whenever you run large-scale games such as NBA 2K15 and Need for Speed or small games such as Candy Crush on the PRO 5.






ARM Frame Buffer Compression



  • NBA 2K15
  • Spider-Man 2

Fast UFS 2.0
Far superior than eMMC 5.0

UFS 2.0 adopted by PRO 5 is honored as the future of flash memory technology. It adopts 16nm process technology and supports simultaneous read-write. However, eMMC 5.0 can only perform one-way reading and writing. It is also endowed with the random access performance which can be compared with an SSD and is 4 times that of eMMC 5.0. The volume is the same as eMMC 5.0 and the power consumption is very low. With such a powerful read-write function, the speed for opening the application with PRO 5 is greatly improved. The photo album can be browsed directly without waiting and the 4K high-definition video will be smoother.




G above

4 times

eMMC 5.0

3G/4G Big Memory
Say goodbye to background cleaning and sluggish performance

You can run more programs on the PRO 5 simultaneously and quickly switch applications when you want to. It is because we adopted LPDDR4 big memory which is leading in the industry. The basic frequency reaches 1,600MHz and the performance is enhanced completely. The two-channel memory technology can improve the bandwidth by 50% and make it reach 25.6GB/s, thus realizing 1.7 times more running speed compared to the last generation. In addition, low voltage and 20nm advanced processes can save 40% on power consumption. As a result, you can play large-scale games, record 100fps slow motion video or perform 4K shooting freely while downloading movies, logging into WeChat and MicroBlog.





1.7 times


Sensor Hub
More intelligent, more energy-efficient

PRO 5 is equipped with a Sensor Hub co-processor, which is also a mini computing center. With a low power consumption, it can efficiently collect data from multiple sensors to monitor the status of your campaign at any time.
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PRO 5 • Hi-Fi

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High-end DAC chip and operational amplifier with
ultra-high resolving power. Accurate and hearty sound

We selected ES9018K2M as the DAC for the PRO 5. The core reason is that it has 127dB Signal-to-Noise Ratio, which can greatly decrease
background noise. The sound details can be expressed thoroughly in the combination of 123dB dynamic range. As a result, you easily hear
the slight drum rhythm at the far end of a symphony orchestra and the nuances of vocalists. At the same time, we adopted the OPA1612
professional chip as an audio frequency amplifier. The common-mode rejection ratio from 1Hz to 80KHz is always kept at 120dB, making
the player system distortion low and resolving power high.

Four pairs of NXP high current transistors
Easy and free

In addition to the ES9018K2M DAC chip and OPA1612 operational amplifier chip, we also added four pairs of transistors with
highest current of 2A to make the open loop current increase by 10 times. As a result, the current driving capacity increased greatly,
the sound output is easier and has allowance, the transient performance is excellent, powerful and accurate and the control force
is powerful. At the same time, we designed the whole main board again and specifically marked out a 6.1% area for the Hi-Fi part
so as to fully spread out the circuit element. The thermal stability is excellent and the distortion and noise are decreased further.

Absorb the essence of a high-end amp circuit
Large sound field for both classical and popular sounds

The amp is needed, if there is excellent performance on the large-impedance advanced headset. The circuit design is more important than
hardware for the amp. The Solo amp by Graham Slee from England shocked the Hi-Fi world because of its ingenious circuitry and excellent
effects; so much so that it is commonly used in the high-end HD 6 series high-end headsets by Sennheiser. We learned this way of thinking
and applied it to the Hi-Fi phone system to make the PRO 5 sound field wide and open. The musical quality is crisp and lively whether it be
classical or pop music, even the AKG K701 and Sennheiser HD 650.

Support the balance line headset
Designed specifically for senior enthusiasts

For the same headset, the balance line headset can markedly improve the sound separation degree. The whole sound is clearer, the sound field is broader, the timbre is denser, and crispness is improved greatly changing the line to a balance line. Meizu first supports the output to the balance line headset on the phone. The 5-pin balance line headset and 4-pin non-balance line headset are compatible in the same headset hole. We have already applied for a patent for this program.

Powerful loudspeaker
Just like the Meizu M8

We remodeled the speaker of PRO 5, and updated the algorithm simultaneously to further optimize on the basis of
the second-generation of the NXP Smart PA. The low frequency is strengthened substantially and the external
sound is powerful. The low noise cannot be added by changing the volume, and the sound is still pure and
accurate without glitches and crackling.
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PRO 5 • Camera

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Sony IMX230 CMOS. Guided easily
through experience, and making
more stunning pictures

Beginning from the MX4, we have used a high-resolution big-bottom type CMOS from SONY. The experience of one year makes us more skillful in debugging IMX230. The 21.16 megapixel make more thrilling and exquisite pictures possible. Matched with a larger ƒ2.2 aperture, this CMOS was not first launched by Meizu, but its effect and potential promises to be better.
Captured by PRO 5. Adjusted by Snapseed.

Customized LARGAN 6P lens
Sapphire crystal protective lens

We customized the LARGAN 6P lens especially for the camera of the PRO 5 to improve the edge resolution. The customized module specifically aims at the sequencing optimization to the light impurities to vastly improve the anti-glare capability. The outside of the camera is covered with a sapphire protective lens, and the outer layer is covered closely and protected by the metal ring. It is both gorgeous and strong.

Fast focusing speed of 0.17s
PDAF phase focusing + laser-assisted focusing

Compared to the back and forth scanning many times of traditional contrast focusing, the PDAF phase focusing only needs one operation to focus. You can feel the simple and rapid focusing experience in adequate light. With the laser-assisted focusing, the focusing speed is still accurate in low lighting conditions. The phase focusing can achieve continuous switching of focusing points in recording video, which can bring the smooth transition of close-ups and long shots like in a film.

Double color-temperature dual flashlight
Integrated patent technology

The unique round double color-temperature dual flash (speed light) sits under the rear camera of the PRO 5. The color temperature of the light picture is reduced and then matched to an effect that is close to natural light when you use the flash. At the same time, the algorithm will be adjusted for the software according to the light environment, which makes the picture more natural looking, by reducing the washed-out look of traditional flash photography. In addition, we creatively integrated the laser-assisted focusing and double color-temperature flash, to make them work well together without impairing the integrity of the camera back.

Dual channel 14-bit Samsung ISP
Independent and mature algorithm optimization

Capturing excellent pictures depends on the cooperation of ISP photographic processing. The Samsung dual channel (14-bit ISP) is applied to the PRO 5, which improves the overall efficiency of shooting pictures and processing images. The seamless collaboration between the CMOS and ISP can specifically optimize the picture sharpening, color enhancement and other effects automatically using advanced algorithms, depending on debugging experience for many years.

4K video recording

The PRO 5 has 4K video imaging with excellent picture quality and supports the H.265
code format to fully balance the 4K camera’s shooting and storage capacity.

Front camera
with 5 megapixel

The OV5670 CMOS, ƒ/2.0 large aperture ring with 5 megapixel is used for the front camera of the PRO 5, and the self-timer function can be used even in the dark. The system supports the 100 file whitening, defect removal and other real time fine adjustments to make your world more beautiful.
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PRO 5 • Headset

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Same process as PRO 5

All-metal headsets are very common. However, headsets with a hemispherical cavity are quite rare. This is because general stamping can compose a cylindrical cavity with a flat bottom. A perfect arc in aluminum must be carved with CNC. In addition, the surface of the EP-31 headset is anodized. The EP-31 headset is also experienced the metal cutting and surface treatment processes, the same as the PRO5 does. In this way, the EP-31 headset becomes a delicate, compact, elegant, and high-quality handicraft.

Ergonomic earmuff and three-section structure

As an in-ear headset, wearing comfort is the most important element in the design. The EP-31 earmuffs are specially optimized in accordance with the ergonomic standards. The inner part of the earmuffs adopts a large-exterior and small-interior structure, which increases elasticity and makes the earmuffs more close to the ears. The hardness of the external materials is 30% softer than that of common silicon materials, and therefore the headset will not forcibly distract the acoustic meatus and cause discomfort. On the other hand, the entire headset, from the earmuffs to the rear cavity, adopts a gradually narrowed three-section structure. The earmuffs cover the edges of the cavity to prevent the metal from contacting the acoustic meatus, thereby avoiding any scratching and pain.

Balanced and elegant toning

Real elegance will not impose their ideas to others. The toning of EP-31 is cautious and restraint, and is committed to restoring original quality and sense of sound. The three-frequency balancing is just right. The low frequency is not shocking, the medium frequency is clean and powerful, and the high frequency is sonorous but not harsh. Therefore, the headset faithfully reflects nice feeling of each tone.

MEMS micro silicon microphone and TPE non-toxic wire coat

The transmitter of the EP-31 adopts an MEMS micro silicon microphone, with a small size and high signal-to-noise ratio. Under normal circumstances, sensitivity of the microphone is not affected by any changes of vibration, temperature, and humidity. The stability is great. The inner core of the headset wire is made of high-purity oxygen-free copper, and the wire coat is made of safe, environmental, and non-toxic TPE materials. When you touch it, you feel delicate and comfortable. The microphone has good elasticity and is not easy to intertwine.

Dreamlike and ambilight packaging

The packaging of the EP-31 headset is brand new. The transparent lid and an arc-shaped box compose an over-half-spherical shape, like a
space capsule, in a sci-fi style. The silver headset is symmetrically placed on white base that is similar to the skin. A bright high-gloss chamfer
is silhouetted against the anodized aluminum, which is ambilight and stunningly beautiful.
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PRO 5 • Specifications

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  • Width78mm
  • Depth17.5mm
  • Height156.7mm
  • Weight1168g
  • Battery3050mAh(Typical value)


  • 32GB

  • 64GB


  • Gold
  • Gray
  • Silver-white
  • Silver-black

Rear Camera

  • 21.16 megapixel
  • Blue glass filter
  • ƒ/2.2
  • 6-element lens
  • Burst mode
  • Panoramic lens
  • Laser-aided focusing
  • PDAF phase focusing
  • Dual-tone flashlight

Front Camera

  • 5 megapixel
  • ƒ/2.0
  • FotoNation 2.0 smart selfie enhancement
  • Face AE face light boost


  • Dimensions

    5.7 -inch

  • Resolution

    1920 x 1080

  • Contrast Ratio


  • PPI


  • Brightness

    350cd/m²(Typical value)

  • Material

    Corning® Gorilla® Glass 3

  • Display technology


  • Manufacturing technique

    2.5D glass

Processor and RAM

  • Exynos 7420 processor
  • ARM® Cortex®-A57™2.1GHz x4 + ARM® Cortex®-A53™ 1.5 GHz x4
  • Mali T760 GPU

mTouch 2.1

  • Metal ring

    Stainless steel

  • Response speed


  • Identification angle


  • Sensor

    Capacitive touch sensor

  • Fingerprint modules



  • ESS ES9018K2M
  • TI OPA1612
  • Passive filter technology
  • Four pairs of NXP high current transistors
  • Solo amp circuit
  • Ceramic film capacitor
  • High-precision low-temperature-drift resistor
  • Whole symmetrical circuit design
  • Supports balanced line headphones

Network Type




802.11 ac/b/g/n Wi-Fi
Supports dual-band Wi-Fi (2.4GHz/5GHz)


Bluetooth 4.1
Supports BLE


Hall Effect sensor, Gravity sensor,
IR proximity sensor, Gyroscope, Ambient light sensor,
Touch sensor, Digital compass


Digital compass







Buttons and Ports


SIM/Micro SD card installation



Supports Mirco SD cards up to 128GB


1. Both SIM1 and SIM2 support 4G networks. You can choose the data service mode in the Settings; one SIM will be 4G while the other SIM can only use GSM networks.

2. SIM1 can be used in combination with a Nano-SIM card or a Micro SD card of up to 128GB.

How to install two SIM cards

Place SIM2 into the slot

Insert half of the tray into the phone
and place SIM1 into the slot

Insert the tray fully into the
phone and complete the SIM

How to install one SIM card

Place SIM1 into the slot

Insert the tray fully into the phone and
complete the SIM installation

How to install SIM and Micro SD card

Place SIM2 into the slot

Insert half of the tray into the phone
and place a Micro SD card into the slot

Insert the tray fully into the
phone and complete the SIM

Flyme 5.0 Apps


Operating Environment2

Working environment temperature-15 - 55°C

Non-working environment temperature-40 - 70°C

Relative humidity95%

Operational altitudeUp to 5,000 meters


1. The actual size and weight of the phone may vary due to different specifications and assembly tolerance.

2. The above data were gathered in tests in a lab environment. To avoid phone damage or malfunctioning, please avoid using your phone under extreme conditions.

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