Мобильный телефон MEIZU PRO 5

Customized ball cutter with 1mm diameter
Miraculous arc and hand feel

In order to pursue a unified and comfortable feel, we designed 0.1mm integral sinking in the upper and
lower sections of the PRO 5 and then applied the baking varnish to form a straight line with the middle of
the phone. For cutting to an ultra-thin 0.1mm, the most difficult thing is how to realize the smooth transition
of the 4R corners on the phone body. So, we customized a ball cutter with a diameter of 1mm and spent
more than 30minutes in processing processes to complete repeated and precise polishing. Although the
0.1mm thickness is difficult to be seen by the naked eye, it still gives us what we care most about which is
the wonderful feeling of the PRO 5 in your hand.

True polishing master
3D polishing for three times

The excellent polishing effect is attributed to the uniformity at each plane. To make the PRO 5 we polish it
three times. The procedure is quite complex and the process is very difficult to adjust, which makes it an
exquisite product. Aloxite is used as a primer to guarantee stiffness and firmness, and then two layers of
zircon sand are applied. The thickness collocation is even more exquisite. Its 3D polishing is uniform and
free from dead corners to increase the surface hardness and make the surface become smooth and durable.

0.02mm precision
New sand mulling printing ink, smooth and uniform

At present, we upgraded to more advanced stoving varnish and spraying equipment and introduced
mechanical and manual automatic equipment. At the same time, we developed patent products jointly with
the world’s top paint supplier NATOCO. After going through coating 5 times and 5 times of baking, the
precision of each layer of printing ink is controlled to 0.02mm and the industry-wide issue of intricate
spraying on metal and injection molding material is solved at the same time. More than that, we also added
very fine gravel in the printing ink to obtain the same quality as the phone body polishing. In this way, the
adhesive force of new printing ink will be stronger and will stay shiny and new even after long time use.

0.45mm embodies
our understanding on metal

We add a layer of tough magnesium alloy supporting plate under the light and thin AMOLED Screen. The completely invisible thin wall embodies all of our understandings of working with metal. If it is thick, the thickness of the phone body will be increased. If it is too thin, the support is inadequate. After repeated testing, we finally adopted the Frech die-casting machine from Germany to realize press forming. The thickness is nearly 0.45mm and close to the limit. In addition, we also adopted the forked tail material grasping technology and integrated with a round of whippy Nylon glass fiber to absorb the energy produced during impact. There has been a lot of diligent effort in many areas to guarantee a sturdy and light PRO 5.

Better Home key structure
Completely innovated touch experience

We reserved a new fingerprint module and key design for the PRO 5. The fingerprint identification function is linked together with the Home key and a piece of stainless steel sheet is fixed on the Magnesium alloy supporting plate at the back of screen by screw. At the same time, we changed the clip design. The big Panasonic clip can bring us a new feel when pressed. In addition, we also added a piece of silicone pad between the fingerprint identification module and screen, that not only can prevent key looseness but also can effectively prevent water vapor and sweat from seeping into the phone and guarantees that it is waterproof.

Fully CNC processed
A unified entity, naturally formed piece

We used CNC processing on the all-metal phone body of PRO 5. The volume power key adopts the
customized natural diamond ball cutter to form a high and bright micro arc strip. In addition, the
loudspeaker opening, Type-C opening and card slot adopts the four-axis CNC machine tool to perform 360
degree rotational processing and the precision is 0.01mm. Even if the cost is increased greatly, the outline
is clear, the aperture size is uniform and the opening is more neat and clean.