Мобильный телефон Meizu 16

More eye-catching, more handy

The Meizu 16 comes with a 6.0-inch screen, a Samsung AMOLED custom full screen with amazing 1.38-mm bezels at left and right. To highlight both functions and appearance, the top bezel accommodates multiple custom split sensors, a hidden receiver, and a 20 MP camera.

This is an aesthetic design resulting from our persistence and your personality.

Qualcomm Snapdragon 710

The Qualcomm Snapdragon 710 integrates a multi-core artificial intelligence engine, equipping the Meizu 16 with neuron network processing capabilities. With a main frequency to 2.2 GHz, you can always enjoy a pure performance. The Meizu 16 brings more than great power. The Hexagon 685 AI chip works seamlessly with the CPU and GPU to achieve an efficient balance between battery life and performance.

"Popularized" in-screen fingerprint recognition

In addition to its design, Meizu 16 has even more to make you excited. Just place your finger on the fingerprint icon. The in-screen next-gen optical fingerprint module will delight you.

The Meizu-style design is also embodied from the side. The body is as thin as 7.5 mm thanks to our innovative stacking solution for AMOLED screens and optical fingerprint ID.

Application unlock

Diverse full screen gestures

The Meizu 16 is eye-catching, and also easy to use. The user-friendly full-screen gestures are an example. On the screen bottom, you can slide up to return, slide for longer to return to the desktop, and slide for longer and hold to display multitasking. These gestures are supported on the left and right sides.

We also retain the Super mBack and Android navigation bar. Gestures are still the same, but become more concise.

Meet a more beautiful world

The Meizu 16 makes you addictive to photography.
The classic Sony flagship dual-camera combination - IMX380 + IMX350, supports 3× lossless zoom to bring you natural portrait bokeh.

With an ƒ/1.8 aperture, a large unit pixel area up to 1.55 μm, four-axis OIS and ArcSoft multi-frame noise reduction, the main camera IMX380 enables excellent shots even in dim light.

IMX380 flagship sensor
ƒ/1.8 large aperture
1.55μm large pixel size

MEIZU 16 Photos

Press the shutter
Just beautify yourself

The 20 MP undoubtedly shows the selfie strength of the Meizu 16 . The intelligent bokeh algorithm and ArcSoft beautification algorithm bring out your beauty.

When you take a selfie, the AI face recognition technology takes care of everyone on the screen.

Experience being extraordinary

It's simple, pure and unique. The multi-segment R angle design brings the Meizu 16 an incredible touch. The hidden antenna strip specially designed for the Porcelain white color makes the Meizu 16 even more special.

A new look inside and out

The bottom layer of Android 8.1 intelligently regulates the Meizu 16 for accelerating apps, gaming performance, and slide optimization. The Flyme game mode 3.0 is provided with the "Full attack" feature, which not only automatically allocates memory resource strategies, but also provides high-priority network transmission for a better experience.